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Greek Tragedy

31 August 2007, by

We will not say thereafter that the Greeks fight like heroes, but heroes fight like the Greeks!

The above quote from Winston Churchill sums up the strength of the people of this country, which was again illustrated these past weeks in their fight against forest fires that ripped though the northern countryside. Over 75 people have died and half a million acres of forest have been destroyed, creating the worst devastation of this kind ever recorded in Greek history. This devastation has been met by the typical Greek “I won’t back down attitude” with residents valiantly fighting the flames themselves to save their homes.

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The First Post!

31 August 2007, by

Welcome! I decided to repost the story below as my first blog entry, since so many of you enjoyed it last time. There will be another in a day or so, but it’s not as fun so I didn’t want to make it the first. As for an update: these days my fruit thievery is limited to figs, which are wild and considered peasant food — meaning all mine for the taking!

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Coming Soon!

23 August 2007, by

Since we are so good at blah blah we will soon have our blah blog right here at thekristydave-dot-com.

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