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It’s better to have lost…

25 September 2007, by

Material things have been leaving me these past few days…yesterday my bike rode away from me. Moment of silence, please. That was my only possession with wheels. Today I got off the bus, which I took to school because my bike left me, but half my shoe decided it wasn’t at the right stop and continued on its journey.

I suppose one good needs to meet one bad (see previous post …bike…), but I was hoping the one bad would happen to someone else.

On the other hand, or foot as the case may be, my shoe-handicap caused me to ask a friend for a pair of shoes. She only had sneakers to give me, and along with them came these socks with toes like gloves. I don’t think I have experienced an article of clothing that has made me this happy since I discovered scarves. Turns out loss can lead to love…

Water falling from the sky?

22 September 2007, by

We woke up this morning to a darker day. For the first time in five months there were clouds in the sky, blowing by bringing intermittent shadow and bits of cool shelter from the hot sun. In the distance the mountains were covered in a gray curtain and no longer held their imposing purple presence over the skyline. The air was filled with electricity and you could hear the excitement echoed in the townspeople. Summer was leaving us.

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Just another beach day…

9 September 2007, by

The original work of sand art In case we forgot to mention it, we live in a resort area: a beautiful island in the middle of the clear waters of the Mediterranean sea with lots of sunshine and soft sandy beaches. Just a short (10 minute, 80 euro cent) bus ride away is a small resort area called Ayia Apostoli. Golden beaches flanked by small peninsulas of rusty rock create an illusion of seclusion in the swarming reality of northern European sunseekers…and we manage to have our fun.

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