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It’s Christmas Eve and this chicken’s got everything but its head….

25 December 2007, by

So we bought a chicken today with the hopes of roasting it tomorrow. We are spending Christmas day with a Frenchman and our favorite Palestinian and I wanted to make something a little special. So we went to the butcher and stared at the giant ducks and pigs’ heads and rabbits with the fuzzy feet still attached and remembering our tiny “fournaki” or literally “little oven”, decided on a chicken. (Ok, it wasn’t only the small oven that made me decide on a chicken. What do they do with pig’s head anyway?)
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Il pleure dans mon coeur

17 December 2007, by

Au Revoir MatthieuLast night, we bid farewell to our good friend and Kristy’s fellow MAICH master’s candidate, Matthieu. He is moving on from this quasi-real life here in Chania, Crete, to pursue a job opportunity in Brussels.

We wish Matthieu all the best in his newest adventure, and look forward to seeing him again soon. Until then… bon voyage, bonne chance, au revoir.


16 December 2007, by

For sure there will be more to write on this – and for sure Kristy will do it far more justice than I. But I simply can’t bear seeing this poor blog not being updated. So here’s some mindless babbling from the other half of the TKD.

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