16 December 2007, by

For sure there will be more to write on this – and for sure Kristy will do it far more justice than I. But I simply can’t bear seeing this poor blog not being updated. So here’s some mindless babbling from the other half of the TKD.

First off, a disclaimer. Yeah, yeah – I know it’s my fault that not much has been posted here. I still haven’t completed this site’s new design and we’re stuck with WP’s default “kubrick” theme. Therefore, we haven’t formally announced the site launch, because, quite frankly, it looks like goat turd right now. And who wants to take the time to write for a site that looks like crap and has no audience.

(This assumes, of course, that once we do complete the design and announce the site, then we’ll have an audience… and the site won’t suck and scare ‘em all away).

Anyway, in the interest of at least pretending this is a working blog, here’s an update on TKD.

After 6+ months living on Crete, thousands of miles away from home, we managed to take a long-awaited trip back to the states to see our much-missed family and friends. We were home for the entire month of November, and our travels included a week-long vacation with the Gowrie constituency in Florida. Then we bumped around between Tuxedo, Brooklyn, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island, visiting and staying with family and friends before returning on Dec 2nd.

Hmmm…. as far as posts go, this one is pretty boring, huh? Well, I’m not supposed to be the author. I’ll get back to the design portion, and somebody else is going to need write more about what truly was a fantastic trip home. And barring that, we will at least upload some photos (soon, real soon… really) and let them do the story-telling.

More words are out there. I can hear them…