Scorpions Rock Chania Like A Hurricane

11 July 2009, by

It is a well-known fact that Germans are one of Crete’s biggest tourist groups. The good people of Deutschland have been invading this island year after year ever since WWII (sorry, BAD joke).

Apparently this affinity for Crete extends to touring German rock groups. Yes, indeed, I am referring to none other than the 1980s music legends, The Scorpions, who descended upon Chania this evening to deliver a heavy dose of nostalgic hard rock!

I could hear them from the rooftop of my flat in Splantzia. They totally RAWK! ;)

Making this even awesomer (is it possible? I mean – THE Scorpions!) were the opening acts: DOKKEN and Greek ‘melodic metallers’ Firewind. ROCK! Fully Awesome!!!

OK, so maybe I’m being a wee bit sarcastic. I’m not a huge Scorpions fan, at all really. Recognizing a few of their more famous tunes from my roof was cool, though, I’ll admit, as I definitely remember being rocked like a hurricane as a kid. They’ve really got the anthem rock thing down, and they sounded pretty good for retirees.

A few people asked why I didn’t go to the concert, particularly since the Scorpions probably are the biggest music act coming to the island this summer. I certainly noticed when the posters for the concert went up around town a few weeks ago, but I just never looked into getting tickets. I suppose in part it is b/c I had nobody to go with (Kristy is not a fan).

What’s really funny is that they played, at the end of their last set, in order: “Wind of Change”, “Rock You Like a Hurricane”, and “No One Like You”. Guess that’s what the paying crowd was waiting for…

I got my money’s worth from my private rooftop seating, thank you very much :)

Some pics and video here:
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