Please Stand By

10 October 2009, by

This site has been woefully neglected. You’ve noticed? Are “you” even still there?

Ideas for posts flutter into our collective mind all the time. Every day offers little gems of inspiration. Crete is an impressive place, offering many facets to explore. And we’ve been fortunate to befriend many interesting people (well… actually, most of those friends have since left the island, but we are still inspired by them).

But for all this “post-worthy” material, very little (lately, none) of it gets published (or even written).

Now we could claim that the lack of editorial attention here has been b/c we are in fact too busy experiencing all this awesome stuff.

And that would be true.

We can also fairly state that we are simply preoccupied with the more ordinary, day-to-day stuff: our work, the most attention-demanding (and cutest) dog ever, and of course, the latest (and greatest) news in our lives, the impending arrival of our first child.

And that would be true, too. Generally, life does tend to keep one busy.

Also contributing to this site’s abandonment is the “Facebook effect” – the ease of microblogging on Facebook (and Twitter). Nearly all of our friends and even much of our family are pretty active on Facebook. A simple status update or a quick photo upload is sometimes all it takes to share what’s up. No need for full-blown blog posts.

But still, this is not the entire truth.

The fact is, we have simply grown bored with this site.

That’s clearly bad. As blogs go (and websites in general), that is a death knell. If WE aren’t motivated to maintain the site, you certainly can’t be expected to stay motivated to visit the site, much less join the discussion by leaving comments. And without you… what’s the point of blogging in the first place?

The problem is this gawd awful, lame-o default WordPress theme. It is a total inspiration-killer. We’re tired of looking at it (aren’t you?). Just knowing that our words will be imprisoned within this blog’s drab skin… it makes writing feel more like punishment than a creative outlet.

Thing is, I’ve been sitting on a redesign for this site for, like, over a year. It’s been in a holding pattern so long, I’ve actually lost track of where I left off. But it was nearly complete… very close.

Now again, to be fair, I have been busy with other things. Work. Life. Etc. But to put time and effort into a redesign only to then have it sit on a back-burner for over a year (heck, maybe it’s been two years?)… I mean, this is a blog, not Liberty Travel (heh. an inside joke… maybe just for me). Nope. That’s just ridiculous. Beyond ridiculous. It’s redunkulous.

Well, I’ve learned something about myself, being self-employed these past few years. And that is, I don’t get ANYTHING done if I don’t set a deadline. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Before the New Year, TheKristyDave will be updated with a spectacular new design. (not an overly aggressive deadline, I know… but heck, this way maybe I can impress myself and finish ahead of schedule!)

In the meantime, we’ll try to rededicate ourselves to more regular postings. Perhaps there are still a few of you lurking around to take notice, and we can try to rebuild something of a conversation here.

So… in typical long-winded Dave fashion, what I’m saying is: please stand by… FULLY AWESOME updates ahead.