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Long time coming…

3 February 2010, by

So, it’s been…well, a long while since I have appeared on this site. Let’s see, since I last posted something I believe I officially ‘graduated’ with an MSc, starting working for the academic institute from where I received this degree,

hosted our first US-based visitor,

had a true Cretan easter celebration (lamb’s heads, overeating and all),

wrote a bunch of grants totaling over €3 million, visited four countries, got pregnant,

took on a foster car,Odesseus

εχω βελτιωθει ελληνικα μου, and…I guess that sums it up. So, in order not to dwell on missed opportunitites, I instead have a couple of advertisements we received that I thought were amusing enough to share.

"Our store is always open"

"Our store is always open"

The caption in Greek on the top states “Our store is always open”, meaning, I suppose, the web store. Kotsovolos, is an appliance and electronics store, so I don’t really get how the image of the woman unbuttoning her pants applies here, but it definitely got me to notice the fact that they have a web store…

This next one appeared in a supermarket circular that gets dropped off at the door…

The Festive Table I am not sure if it is easy to see (you can click on the image if you want a bigger view), but the photo depicts a collection of raw meat (including a whole pig) spread out on a table along with a glass of wine and other fine edibles. Salmonilla anyone? While we have gotten used to seeing whole animals for sale in the butcher shops, for some reason making a festive display out of raw meat struck me as odd…