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Merry Festivus

25 December 2010, by

It only took three years or so, but here it is – the new TKD site.

And here’s a little something extra – a digital representation of an actual Festivus gift for Kristy (yet to be completed): Cretan Memories

And did you hear about Leonidas the baby? He’s got a new site, too. Check out The Leo Show (another work in progress…).

Please Stand By

10 October 2009, by

This site has been woefully neglected. You’ve noticed? Are “you” even still there? Continue reading Please Stand By »

Scorpions Rock Chania Like A Hurricane

11 July 2009, by

It is a well-known fact that Germans are one of Crete’s biggest tourist groups. The good people of Deutschland have been invading this island year after year ever since WWII (sorry, BAD joke).

Apparently this affinity for Crete extends to touring German rock groups. Yes, indeed, I am referring to none other than the 1980s music legends, The Scorpions, who descended upon Chania this evening to deliver a heavy dose of nostalgic hard rock!

I could hear them from the rooftop of my flat in Splantzia. They totally RAWK! ;) Continue reading Scorpions Rock Chania Like A Hurricane »

We’re Back…

21 June 2009, by

Been a while… and we’ve been away. Not just from this blog (so neglected!) but also from Crete. Spent the last three weeks visiting back home – too much to summarize here, just say we had a great time! No promises, but we’ll try to get some photos posted soon.

We arrived safe and sound back in Chania…. a mere 16 hours in the travel log this time (an improvement over the 20 hour trip out to NY). Got home just in time for a sunset swim. Ah, it’s good to be back. :)

Much love to all the family and friends back home, miss you already. See you soon we hope, here on sunny Crete.
- Kristy, Dave and Pita

Witness To The Revolution (sorta)

15 December 2008, by

I guess my earlier post about the riots in Greece over the last week was reaching for a heavy “editorial” slant (I had a brief career as a would-be journalist nearly 10 years ago…), and a few people have since been asking us what our specific, personal experience was like and how things are now.

So here goes, a more personal recollection and post-chaos update, with apologies to the folks who already got a variation on this via email replies – but hey, think of it as you having got the exclusive story first! (there’s the old newsman in me again…)

Chania wasn’t as deep in it as Athens or Thessaloniki (1st and 2nd biggest Greek cities respectively). There were street protests in and around the city center, but nothing really violent. Continue reading Witness To The Revolution (sorta) »