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We Are All Creatures

12 January 2008, by

Since we have had many visitors to our little island house, I thought I would write a tribute to them… but for now I will focus on the non-humans.

Last night our guest was a prehistoric creature that gave me pause about my tendency to walk around barefoot. Ordinarily not being one to kill, this time I was insistent that our visitor meet its maker. Euscorpius carpathicus Dave had a different interpretation of the line between a creature’s right to live and a human’s right to safety and he tried to free this visitor from the confines of our house. This process left our Scorpiones friend seemingly close to death, offering little resistance to being prodded and pushed into a cup. Dave brought our uninvited guest’s limp body outside and left the cup tipped so he could walk out, if he was still alive. This morning, there was no body…

Mantis sp.This past summer, we had a visitor who stayed for a few days and we spent at least one afternoon watching his antics on our rooftop. He was happy to pose for us and even went in for a close up. He or more likely she seemed happy to have us disturbing her rest for a day.

As a natural counter to the company of spiders and flies and (unfortunately) cockroaches, we welcomed the appearance of our very ownTarentola mauritanicas cold-blooded insurance salesman. If in North America he has become a more civilized breed, driving a red convertible and cultivating his native Australian accent, here his is still living in his natural state of savage predator, happily (and thankfully) snacking on the insect plague of the order Blattodea.

The First Post!

31 August 2007, by

Welcome! I decided to repost the story below as my first blog entry, since so many of you enjoyed it last time. There will be another in a day or so, but it’s not as fun so I didn’t want to make it the first. As for an update: these days my fruit thievery is limited to figs, which are wild and considered peasant food — meaning all mine for the taking!

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